Creative Inspiration Hit – NOW WHAT?


This morning I was being attentive to the Accidental Creative Podcast on my commute to your job. As will sometimes arise, I found the topic triggering my creative outlook. My mind went inside over-drive with thoughts and ideas which flowing faster than a mind could process them all. At some point, My partner and i to push the pause button preventing the podcast… it felt like my head would explode. I am not quite possibly the most patient individual. And here I was with such raw ideas that Need be to act upon at once. Instead, I was ensnared in stop-and-go traffic at route 3.

This is simply not an uncommon occurrence for my situation. I suspect it is simply not for many others, on top of that. An idea hits and you just feel like, if it’s not necessary to act upon it at once, it will be lost with the stratosphere for ever… to never be seen again. Then again, situations (like being stuck at a car) don’t often consists of these ideas to be undertaken when they hit.

May possibly also noticed an several other interesting phenomenon. The longer It looks like about an idea, the less the ability I will act for it. Sometimes, this happens because I realize that the objective was just crap, and My group is thankful I didn’t waste my time with it. But, often there is known as a level of hesitation thanks to fear of failure. Several other times, I get intimidated by the amount of effort an idea requires to find through to fruition. Then again, more often than not even, I don’t follow an understanding through because I slowly and gradually lose the enthusiasm I originally had towards the project. Over time, I came to are aware that I wasn’t acting at many perfectly sound options and sought to develop the to rectify this.

As a result, what did I use this morning when my head was heading towards explode? I love http: //www. evernote. com ability to record notes. In certainty, I have the Evernote Golf widget prominent on my smartphone so that i can record with modest effort. This morning, I performed a neurological dump recording that kept going until My partner and i nothing else to suggest (i. e. the overflowing brain sensation subsided). I also keep an important journal with me from start to finish (I like unlined pages of content… lines make me believe restricted). In this academic journal, among other things, is without a doubt where I keep an important permanent record of a raw ideas. So, whenever I got into get the job done, I replayed my recording and stuff it to paper in an important slightly more cohesive file (yet, by no will mean finalized). At a soon after time, if I decide the idea is a fantastic one, I will develop this idea further on paper.

Here’s what May possibly discovered. By having my ideas in writing, I am more going to act upon those who are worth seeing because of. In many cases, much of the hard work was already done. I find the fact that the physical tasks associated that have an idea often feel not as much intimidating when already considered and on paper. Moreover, because this is an important mulch-process step, that is initiated to look at am feeling inspired and even continued in smaller portions, there is less opportunity of feeling overwhelmed (the “eat a powerful elephant one bite within a time” philosophy).

Here is the key points:

1) Once creative inspiration hits, perform a brain-dump at once. Don’t stop until you have got exhausted all points.

2) Don’t worry about quality at this point. Just get it in writing

3) Refine your idea in writing. It doesn’t have to remain perfect, just cohesive enough to help make sense later

4) Head off and review your options. Decide which ones are worthy and that happens to be not

5) Follow-through considering the worthy ideas.


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