|Lumo projects an interactive, motion-sensitive game experience onto walls and floors|


Options visited a trade demonstrate or children’s museum of late, chances are you’ve witnessed an interactive, motion-sensitive demonstrate projected onto a wall membrane or floor. Lumo will be the at-home version of this specific technology, developed by technologists Meghan Athavale along with Curtis Wachs who commenced creating interactive environments pertaining to commercial settings. Seeing a demand for the cheaper and more user-friendly version with their product for interactive gaming in your house, they’re launching an Indiegogo campaign to advance the continued development involving Lumo.

Lumo pairs a pico projector with movement detection to make games that are expected onto a floor along with change as players move from the game. The existing game listing of 100 titles goes into kids’ favorites say for example a fishing game and the alphabet learning aid, plus comes with 10 web themes for kids to rejigger the action with custom art.

Though Lumo’s designers previously created their unique commercial system, the technology was too expensive back then for home use. As the cost of hardware and imaging technological innovation came down, and brilliant, long-life projection technology increased, it allowed Athavale along with Wachs to dream way up how their technology could create it into the household.


Although the included game library appears strictly juvenile, developers get access to an SDK to produce new games. Existing games may be used with the projector with the addition of a mobile controller like the iMpulse.

With its HDMI user interface, Lumo can also double like a movie projector and brackets on either the walls or ceiling. Removing the Lumo golf ball from its brackets from bedtime and placing on the nightstand turns it right into a dream projector.lumo-interactive-projector-18

Lumo runs Android and offers 854 x 480 pixel resolution on the projection, 1.6 GHz processor and 8 GB of storage, and both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

Pets may also like Lumo, and indeed, videos on Lumo’s website show obsessed kitties chasing skittish fish in a virtual aquarium, but Lumo points out that cats can see higher resolutions than humans so may not stay interested in what might be a pretty overpriced cat toy on its own.

Currently, the Lumo system is seeking funding on Indiegogo. Pledges start at the US$499 Early Bird level, with delivery anticipated in June 2016 given a successful campaign and development cycle. Stretch goals will build additional functionality into Lumo, including painting new textures onto 3D objects.

You can watch some demonstrations of the product in Lumo’s Indiegogo’s pitch video below.


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